Falling Waters State Park

Site 22 our host spot while here

IMG_0763 This is our little spot in the Beautiful state Park of Falling waters located at Chipley, Florida. http://www.floridastateparks.org/park/falling-waters


It has been a great stay but we will be moving on  Feb 1 2016  going to Valdosta Ga (Home) until we get our Annual Doctors things done.

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Here in Pace Florida

Lunch time on one of the Beautiful Days

Parked at David's Pace Florida

Pork Chops right off the grill Yum

Yes we got here last Sunday 4-13-2014 and have had a wonderful time visiting with Inez’s Niece and Nephew they have a horse ranch here and it has been really great fun learning what goes on a ranch. It has not been the greatest weather as they have gotten around 6 inches of rain while we were here however they managed to feed us good and tomorrow Sat we will move on to my cousins place over in New Hope Florida where we will spend about a week before moving on to Valdosta Ga.




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Hopefully Moving soon

Yelp if everything goes by the gran plan we should only have 7 days until we start our journey home yelp Lookout Georgia here we come. should leave here on April 11,2014 and will be stopping at two different RV parks along the way until we get to Pace Florida where we will spend a few days at David white and Elaine’s the wife’s niece and nephew then we will  be traveling on to Newhope Florida where we will spend a week with my first cousin. Then it will be on to Valdosta Georgia.

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We Moved about 28 miles

Yes we did moved 11 Miles north of Yorktown Texas, this site only has 3 holes to drill we have been here just over 3 weeks and they have I well drilled, cemented and moved over for the next hole so looks like we might not be here to long.

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Rain and Mud in south Texas

Trucks try to slow to make turn into our sight, The slick hill makes it very hard.Please Notice at the top of the page we now have a links page where we will try to post some of the History around us.

We have had three days and nights of rain and while it is nice for the farmers and holding the dust down for us it makes for a muddy mess when going in and out to sign in the many trucks that we have during the course of a day.

The water had went down a bit when this picture was take at times it was up on our porch

Most of the water was gone here at times its

Signing in Truck in Downpour

At times during heavy downpours the water

Our walkway along with the sign in front of our 5th wheel was under water

could not get off fast enough and we and we waded deep water. We have rather a steep hill going out to the highway and it is neat to watch the oil laden Trucks try to get up it in the rain it gets so slick the they have to back down it  several times to finally get over the top.

Burning off propane gas

Burning off Propane Gas

We do have some beautiful views at times though such as these when they burn off the Gas . Inez left this morning to go to town for supplies so we will have a great mess to clean all the mud off the truck when the rain stops. If you do not get it off before it is completely dry it is like as hard as a brick. Guess if we could get us some straw we could start us a brick business? Who knows might be a good way to help pass the time and if I could train bear and gizmo to walk in the straw

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The McKnight’s Luke and Inez Making Memories

The day we returned to Cuero Texas

Well look we did get back to Texas, Had a great vacation even though we did not get to spend the full length of time that we wanted to in the lovely Lake Tahoe area. After arriving there I found that I had a terrible breathing, everyone kept telling me that it was just the Altitude (7,380 ft) and I would adjust to in in a few weeks. Well let me tell you if you have COPD you do not adjust. Took a broke tooth, Lots of test at the Doctors office and $1000.00 in dental repairs to figure it out. So we left beautiful Tahoe City And moved down to a lower location Tucson Az. Where we spent the remainder of our Vacation before returning to this land of Texas and the Gates. When I get some time I will try to update the site to include some pictures of our Vacation.

Our new front yard is Green

Wow look how green this is part of our new front yard.

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Made it to Califorina

Yes we Did got here to William Kent Camp Ground on 5-2-1013 and hope to remain here to somewhere around the end of Sept. It was a Beautiful but long drive from Texas out here.

Snow out our Window

It has rained and snowed for three of the 5 days that we have been here but I am sure that it will get warm and dry shortly.

I will try to find what times I have good speeds for upload here and post some of the Beautiful Mountains that we took pictures of coming out here.

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Luke and Inez on the Move

Yes we are we left Texas on April 25th heading to William Kent Camp Ground just South of Tahoe City Califorina on Lake Tahoe Where we will be God willing untill The last of Sept 2013. We will be at The William Kent Camp Ground.

Our trip cross country has been both fun and eventful the first day as we were stopping for the day while pulling into the abilene RV park we blew out one of the tires on the 5th wheel.


Darn side wall of the tire just blew right out

Thanks to Good Samsroad service who came out and put the spare on while we were eating supper.






Santa Rosa State Park NM

The next evening we stayed at the Santa Rosa State Park New Mexico. We reall had a great nights rest here I think it was the first night we had sleep with out some noise( generator running, or pipes banging at the drilling rig ) in 6 Months and I must say it was really enjoyable. We could also enjoy some fishing here if we had the time. http://www.campsitephotos.com/campground/Santa-Rosa-Lake-State-Park

My Darling wife at the Crater

From Santa Rosa State Park we moved on to the Meteor Crater RV park at Winslow AZ. Where we enjoyed two nights and the views of the crater where a Meteor struck this lovely place some 50,000 years ago. Departed  here on 4-29-2013. still have not located a tire for the 5th wheel. Called a tire dealer in Kingman AZ and they said that they have a tire the size we need.

Arrived at hte tire center in Kingman Az. And while backing into the Maintenance bay for the young fellow to change the flat and put the spare back on the rack the guy that was spotting me into position noticed that both tires on the left side of the 5th wheel had seperated and had the tread split some 4 to 6 inches.


One of the split tire treads caused by wall seperation

( OH CRAP) this scared me bad for the past 2 or 3 days I had been running 70 to 75 miles per hour on some of the roughest roads in the country. Well any way 1 tire change turned into 4 tires at a cost of just shy of $1800.00. we got back on the road about 11:30 heading on to




RV Park at Nellis AFB< Las Vegas NV where we spent 2 wonderful nights.

Desert Eagle RV Park at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV. Where we plan to spend Monday and Tuesday nights and then head on toward Our destination. On Tuesday we went to the Petro truck stop to fuel up the truck so it will be ready for the run tomorrow and if you have never eaten at a Iron Skillet restaurant in their truck stops I would say you arwe missing some good eats. https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=petro+truck+stop+las+vegas&fb=1&gl=us&hq=petro+truck+stop&hnear=0x80beb782a4f57dd1:0x3accd5e6d5b379a3,Las+Vegas,+NV&view=text&ei=VCuAUfD8KrD0iwLFtYDQDQ&ved=0CDQQtQM

Okay we will sign off for this postg and try to post sooner next time like when we get to the camp ground in California.

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Yes They did. Made it home to Georgia

We did got here three weeks ago today, the first week was very busy then the Friday after getting here we had a sick bug jump on the both of us and it has really put some don’t cares on us. Guess we were lucky to be in good health the whole time in Texas (1& 1/2Yrs) to come home and catch the crud. We had new Tile put throughout our home right before returning and I guess that taking out the old carpet and stirring up the dust that had been setting so long it triggered these bad bugs.

I will try to get some pictures and post in a couple. Have been getting rain most daily since we returned and we have been eating up the cooler weather.

Hope this will find all our Gate Guard Friends find and enjoying them self’s take care and the LORD willing we will be back out your way in the fall.

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Down on Holmes Creek, New Hope Florida

Holmes Creek near where we are at Miller's Ferry

Yep we got here yesterday, Tuesday May 16th and I guess we will stay until the week-end before we head up the last 170+ miles to Valdosta and Home. We had thought about getting in some fishing in here with Cousins but the rain has changed that thought it has rained on and off since we got here and they promise more of the same right through the week-end so we will just settle for the good company and fellow ship

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