We are the  McKnight’s  Luke and Inez. We started this Journey back in January of 2007 when we started hosting in Parks through out this beautiful land of ours. This year we decided to take a break from Hosting to try the job of gate guarding. We arrived on our first gate near Tilden, Texas and as time goes on we will try to post the happenings of the job.

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  1. Lady Di says:

    Someone told me those jobs pay more than $100 a day……. U gonna be rich! PS Rob quit Caney Creek in Sept.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes they do, we are getting $125.00 a day. that is 24/7 and one of us has to be here on the gate at all times. So for it has been fun we have been on this gate for 3 weeks.
      Bet that not to many people miss Rob do they. Did they move you up to his position? Guess that they resort is running on Auto pilot for the winter.
      Do the have Winter Host there now?
      Take care good to hear from you.

      • Lady Di says:

        Heavens No I do not have Rob’s job!!! We got a new director in Oct. He is a great guy. You and Inez come back, you will like it! We have a host from Michigan for the Winter and he is looking for summer hosts…………………. The park is now trying to convert to a “lease only” park. We really don’t take overnight reservations anymore….if we do, there is no guarantee that they get the site as it may be leased out. The office area is going into a re-model and it will be a room for the people in the park to use. It has changed for the good….happy trails!

  2. Debbie says:

    I was reading Kit’s blog tonight and found the link to yours. Sounds like we just missed each other in Tilden! You have worked with Larry? Such a great guy! We were in Tilden from Dec. 28-Jan. 22 (just fracking at water site for a well down that very bumpy road). Thanks for the blog. I look forward to following your adventures!

    • Administrator says:

      Yes we was at Tilden for about 6 weeks and it was really a great gate but it rather spoiled us. Then we came to this gate by Big Wells we wwere in for a big suprise and non-stop trucks for the frac of the two wells behind this gate. One day maybe we will cross paths ..keep in touch.
      Sincerely Luke and Inez

  3. Heidi says:

    Welcome to the industry. I hope you find it as interesting as we do! Tilden. Wow. Try the great nachos at Maxes in town. I was hooked! Say howdy to Larry. He’s a good dude.

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