The McKnight’s Gate Guarding

Today started at 03:30 with the crew coming in to weld in a line from the well to what they call the distribution Box. However they had a emergency at one of the near by wells and that crew was pulled off for that so about 08:00 we had everyone leaving for the day except for one person. We had water trucks and Chemical trucks in and out until about 3Pm when the welding people returned and set about getting the pipes ready to weld into place. At around 4:30 they all departed and said they would be back tomorrow to finish the job.

At 6:15 we had two tractors arrive to start removing the rest of the Frac Tanks from the site. They set about there task and towed the last trailer out at 9:35PM.

Water Tanker carries a load of watewr out


Our Neighbors the Deer paid us a visit today

The weather today was really great, had a few showers early then the sun came out and it got into the low 80′s this afternoon. We got to spend several hours outdoors today with the puppies and they enjoyed it.

Looks like we are in for a cool down for the next few days, tonight’s low is to be 57 and tomorrows high of only 56 Degrees and they are saying that we will be down to 19 tomorrow night with the possibility of snow or sleet  BRRRrrrrrrrrrr

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