The McKnight’s Gate Guarding

Well another double post as we did not have much to post about on Feb 15th and it is rather hard to post here sometimes when the weather is not just so so our Internet speed is that of the old 25 MH computers that we started with many years ago when we still had Community Bulletin boards. Oh yeah that was before the Internet.

Anyway today was a beautiful day after the clouds of the morning burned off.The gate was again very slow today. But I guess it might be because they are getting ready for as they say let the well run on its own. The did move one of the Quarters Trailers out today.

They also told us today that this is our last day at this gate. and Our Boss John said that we should know in the morning if we have another gate to go to or if we will have to stay in a park for a few days. We will see what tomorrow brings and By the time we post tomorrow we should know the answer.

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