The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas

This beautiful weather of the past few days is spoiling us. Yes we had another really nice day here in south Texas.

Oil well waiting for the frac crew

The gate today was very slow in fact we only had one vehicle in to chek the pressure on the gas pipeline until after 5Pm then it all broke loose as The pump service people started bring there equipment in for the frac followed by a tank company and we stayed busy until after 10Pm. I desided to take a drive back to the Well today to see how it looked and found out that there is two wells waiting to be fracked and they have the tanks set up on one with large water lines running from the Frac Pond to both well sites. This is

Miles of lines for the Frac

a first for me and I must say I have never seen so many pipes both plastic and metal and there must be 2 miles of them.

When they delivered the pumps this evening they said they the Frac start has been moved back to Wed and tomorrow they will be bringing in the rest of the equipment and going through setup. So maybe we will have some more excitement.

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