The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-12 & 3-13-2011

And the Dirt trucks just keep coming

Traffic Yes it just keeps on coming  Today they (the welding crew) finished testing a section of the gas line at our wells and in rolled the dirt haulers with the material to cover up the work. Yep seems as though they dig a long ditch weld up and install the pipe then bring all the terrain back up to pad level.


Part of Tank farm for 2nd Well

They also delivered part of the Tank system for the 2nd well So I supect that tomorrow they will start the tank farm at that location.

Welders enter at Sunrise

The welders seem to have job security in this oil field business, Well between tank farms and the gas pipeline they are a never ending flow of the little welding trucks.


Housing for Rig 15

Well here we are already on March 13th and they telll us that we have another workover rig coming in tomorrow Yep the Sister to the rig we have here now CC Forbes Rig #15.

Drill pipes and drill tank for rig 15

So today to go along with the flow of traffic for the Rig 14 we got some of the Living quarters and Drill tanks in for the New rig 15.

I guess that means that we will have excitement to no end around this gate tomorrow.

Load of cement for rig 14 Wow they pour some stuff in these wells,Sand ,Drilling mud and cement.

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