The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-14-2011

Yes Sir we had fun today at our gate we signed in 142 vehicles of which all of them went back out the gate except for 11 which means we had 269 signed vehicles and if you count the Mud trucks Water trucks and company trucks that we do not sign in and out each time that they enter and depart I dare say we had well over three hundred vehicles through this gate today. 300÷15hrs=20 Vehicles per hour

Here comes rig 15CC Forbes Rig 15

Lead escort for rig 15Part of rig 15

Oil tanks for 2nd wellYet another beautiful sunset in Texas

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One Response to The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-14-2011

  1. Ron Davis says:

    Good after noon folks!
    Been reading your posts and those of a few others doing the gate guard gig, and we are really interested in trying it out. We have contacted Gate Guard Services and they are sending out their packet for us.
    I have a couple of questions for you if you have the time to answer. The first thing I’m trying to figure out is the paycheck thing. What do you folks do concerning mail and getting your paycheck mailed to you? And what about banking? Do you have someone that takes care of all this for you, or some other method?
    Another question is: how often and for what duration do you work? Do you have periods of time off?
    Any other hints you could give us would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and patience,
    Ron & Val Davis

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