The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-15 & 3-16-2011

Beautiful Sunrise

Another Beautiful sunrise welcomed us to this busy gate Garding job this morning however I think that sunrise was the only time that we saw the sun today mind you we are not complaining in that it was a very pleasant day with mild temps.

2nd workover rig now in place

We now have 2 workover rigs at this locatinon And it is surely amazing that they (the crews) can figure out how to place and get all those parge pices of equipment put togather and get it to work to accomplish the processes that they do.

Lower Rig Platform exciting

And with the welders installing 2 tank farms and the 2nd welding crew extending the pipeline from the main run to the two oil wells it is very interesting to say the least.

Top rig platform more excitement

There is a constant flow of water,Mud and general support trucks + Back Hoes, Track Hoes and high reach vehicles shared from the wells down the road. Inez and I have not set down to a meal togather in over a week now, we have to eat in shifts but they say that better times are coming as when they get finished with the workover rigs we are supose to have a daytime only crew coming in with a rig to install the pipes to get ready to flow the well. Come on better times.

one of the many water trucks

Today the welding and pipe crew had an additonal 27 large dirt trucks in to cove a section of the pipe to the well pad and in so doing seems as though they had a vehicle come into contact with the overhead power lines (NO ONE WAS INJURED). But that little deal brought in every Safety And Supervisory person in the soouth of Texas to and through this gate.

1 of many truck loads of dirt

Now Inez tells me that when the crew went for lunch tonight they stated that they have a pipe stuck in the well and it appears to be causing some concern Wow the fun does not stop for these people.

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