The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-17 & 3-18-2011

CC Forbes Rig 14 out the gate thats one workover rig down and 1 to go

Wow what another busy busy day at our gate today it started at around 0430 this morning with all the big rigs coming in to load up the Rig Equipment for the CC Forbes workover rig and take it out.

A load of Rig 14 equipment

The crews got the Big rig moveing out the gate at 10:00 and  they did not get it completly out the gate untill around 10:30 PM. Thankks to getting a drill tube stuck in the well which caused them to be late witht eh rig down.

At 09:30 in the Morning we had the Weatherford coiled tubing technologies Team arrive at our gate with there Rig and equipment.

Crew quarters going out


However they had to set on the road outside the gate untill 2:30PM before there was

Weatherford Coiled Tubing Rig finally gets in the gate

enough room on the pad for them to start bringing the equipment in.

Coiled Tubing Rig Crane on the way to the pad

This started the two way flow that really conjested the narrow road

for a couple of hours we had them going in both directions

I  guess we can always hope that tomorrow will be a bit slower as we have appointmnets for the puppies to go to Cyrstal City for a haircut and cleanup. Which I am sure that they will enjoy after all this dust. and since it has started warming up little Gizmo almost burns up in the heat.

Inez and the boys enjoyed the slow day

03-18-2011 what a beautiful day about a normal traffic flow at our gate witht he Welders, Vaccum trucks and mud trucks coming and going. Luke found enough time to take Bear and Gizmo for their gooming treatment. he also picked up another water filter for the RV as it appears that the old one must have froozen a time to many this past winter and decided to start leaking durning the rush yesterday.Maybe I will get it changed the first of next week as we were told this evening that Rig 15 will be going out tomorrow. Sure hope that they do not send a Tubing Rig in the same day this time.

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