The McKnight’s Gate Guarding At Big Wells Texas 3-19-2011

There she goes CC Forbes workover rig #15 out the gate

Today was almost a complete repeat of March 17th when Rig 14 when out the gate with around 320 vehicles in and out of the gate once again. At least we had the clouds for most of the morning and afternoon with a stiff breeze. Towards evening though it got up to 91 degrees and felt rather good. Tonight the waste water trucks continue to roll in and out of the gate.

Water Trucks in to pick up the waste water off the well so they can start flowing oil and Gas

The flow crew tells us that they are geting the dirty water out of the well before they can start to run the seperators and start to capture the oil and gas. They did get the flare pot burning today to burn off the nasty stuff and tonight you can see it flare up every once in a while and it is 2 miles down to the well from our gate.

We had a nice suprise from the people that fed the Rig 15 crew before their departure, as they dropped off the wife and I a fish and Shrimp plate on the way out.

We also had a visit from the new gate guards down the road. they are from Florida, on there first assignment as guards, We had a good discussin and Fred said that his wife would stop up and Visit with Inez in the next few days.

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