The Mcknight’s gate guarding at Big Wells Texas

Sunset viewed from our gate

Today was another one of those great days in South Texas. Mostly cloudy all mornin then the sun popped out and we had a great time outdoors most of the day. Inez managed to get into Carrizo Springs and made it to Wally World and Heb to pick up a few supplies. Luke stayed back at the ranch where we had the Welders in to build another 200 feet of gas supply line to tie in the #2 well to the supply line. The flow tech people told

Woodpecker chasing small birds away from his hole.

us that they now have #1 wwell flowing gas into the pipeline and the water is begining to clear in that well and they sould have oil going into the tanks in a couple of days. Well #2 should go online a couple days after that so it loks like we might be getting close to the end of this gate.

We will continue to take it one day at a time and I guess tomorrow start putting

If we hang in here long enough that wood pecker will surely go away and we will have his hole

a few things away in case  it comes to a close.

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2 Responses to The Mcknight’s gate guarding at Big Wells Texas

  1. jim david says:

    We are looking into gate gaurding. and have a few questions. I have been following several blogs and don’t remember whos I was reading, but here are my questions.
    I take it that satalite TV is a must. What service do you have?
    How is cell service?
    Is there any internet service?
    Some one mentioned a “gate guard service trailer” that had lights and signs, ect?
    Is the water they provide drinkable or do you get bottled water in town?
    Thanks Jim & Pat David

    • Administrator says:

      Yes Satalite Tv makes it better I guess as my wife is hooked on the braves and well if she didn’t get to follow them it owuld be rough on me.
      We have an aircard that we use with AT&T for internet service. Some have verizon but ours would not work in this area.
      Yes some of the companies supply everything,while asome require you to supply your lights. The first company we wqere with required us to supply lights.
      Watch what company you go with in reguards to support.(Check them Out) If you have a large Rv with 50 Amp service make sure that there Generator will carry the load. The first company we was with had small Generators and we could not run both Airs and the outside lights or the Microwave at the same time.
      The water that is suppied is only for baths in most cases you have to purchase drinking and cooking water. However in most locations it is only $1.00 per 5 gallons.
      Hope this has been a help and sorry it took a few days to get back to you. Luke

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