The Mcknight’s gate guarding at Big Wells Texas

Tubing rig up and running

Well here we are again with things slowing down a bit I will try to catch up on posting to this place. I managed to get down to the wells for a look around a couple days ago and took a few pictures while there. they had two Rigs at well #1 and 1 at well # 2 . And yes it has been very busy with all the people in and out trying to get all the tast completed.

Tubing Rig installing the goods

The packer rig completed well #1 and moved to well 2 The tubing rig was installing the tubing on well 1 while the wiring and pressure rig was sitting in wait.

Now as of this post they are all complete and the flow people are in working on getting the well on line to putting the oil in the tanks and the gas into the lines. however it seems as thogh all they are

Wiring and pressure Rig in wait

producing so far is water as the trucks keep hauling the oily waste water away.

This unit allows the company to remotely monitor the well by computer

Tank farm for well #2

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