The Mcknight’s gate guarding at Big Wells Texas

Wow how time flys doesn’t seem like it has bee 11 days since our last post. We were quite busy for a few days there with them finishing up with the flowing of the wells and seems as though while Fracking a nearby well the compressor on one of the wells here messed up and they had to replace it that was a couple days work.  These compressors they have on these Gas/oil wells are quite beyond what I know about. They look like  big old V type engine mounted on a platform with a lots of pipes, manifolds and tanks, seems as though they use the Gas from the well to run this engine and if the oil pressure drops below a given Number of barrels per hour this engine cranks up using the  gas from the well and re-pressurizes the well to get the oil flow back up to the number of barrels per hour they desire.

They loaded and carried out 5 of these reels and each hold 5000 feet of pipe so you cn see they had just over 5 miles of this type pipe to frack 2 oil wells.

They have completed the welding at the two wells for the time being, word is that they have to install another pipeline to the site . But have not desided when this will take place.

Seems as if they are in teheh clean up mode around here all the different crews have been in finishing up the fence around the pads, the walkways around the tank farms and had a crew in that installed a new lock on the gate along

Out goes the Track Hoe after reworking the Frack pond seems as though it had a leak so they brought in this unit along witha Bulldozer and two large dump trucks and reworked the bottom and sides withdrilling mud.

with new signage to keep gate closed at all times. ( Maybe it is getting close to moving on time)

We have had visits from all the animals for the past couple of days the Horses, Turtle, Fred the road Runner and even the skunk was out last evening.

I guess that I should not have made that comment about the gate coming to a close as John the man just called and said that they were closing our gate tomorrow.

The oil trucks are running about 6 to 12 loads a day of the gold and the water trucks are doing about the same

We elected not to go to another gate with Timekeepers and will wait for Roger over at Gate Guard Services LP to give us a call. In the mean time we have reserved a camp site at Triple R RV ParkCrystal City, Texas for a week and hopefully we will get another gate in that period of time.

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5 Responses to The Mcknight’s gate guarding at Big Wells Texas

  1. John Duncan says:

    We stayed at Triple R RV park just before our gate in Crystal City…it’s a great park!! You’ll love it!

  2. Tom Shannon says:

    Luke & Inez;
    Enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with GGS and get some much needed R & Rat the cg!
    Tom & Cathy Shannon

  3. John Duncan says:

    Y’all have a great break, and get rested up!!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks John we are doing that I slept all day today..and you was right this is a very nice park.

      • John Duncan says:

        Haha…we still have a free pass for that park. We paid for two nights and only used one before our gate opened in Crystal City. Wish I could get that to you…we likely won’t be back in that area until late fall.
        We’re up around Gonzales now.

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