The Mcknight’s Presently at Triple R RV Park @ Crystal City Texas

There is 11 in this covey and they are going to really miss the wife, well the seeds anyway

Yes we are off the Gate Guarding for a few days, as our gate closed on April 15 and we elected to come over to the RV park and kick back for a few days while we wait for another Gate with another Gate Guard Company. The company we were with had another gate for us but we have problems with the Generators that they use as they will not let us run both Airconditioners at night when we have to have the lights lit up outside to

Yeah they had to see us off too.

watch for the peoples that don’t belong.

Border Patrol Chopper chasing the Mex Boys from the Mesquite Trees

Oh yes we had some of that excitement our last day on the Big Wells gate, the whole time that we were getting our stuff put up to pull out the Border patrol was chasing them on the ranch across the road then they jumped the fence on them and went right behind our coach and here came the Border Patrol through the Gates then were about to pull out, one of the trucks had came back out and stated that they had gotten away from them again and they had to

They were right over us here I had to wait for them to move off some to focus

move to yet another ranch to try and catch them. The Patrol had dogs, Pickups and the Helicopter but it seems as if they did not like going under the Mesquite trees to catch up to them and the Mexicans didn’t cooperate and get out in the roads.

The ground troops trying to catch them in the road

Well at least the Animals came by to see us again the day we left even the Covey of Quail that the wife has been fatten up. Ok we will continue to read your guys Blogs to see how you all are doing on the gates while we are kicked back for a few days.

Today we went over to Uvalde to the Wally World and even got to sit down together to a fine meal at the Chinese Restaurant next to the store.

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10 Responses to The Mcknight’s Presently at Triple R RV Park @ Crystal City Texas

  1. John Duncan says:

    What company are you guys going with? If you don’t mind me asking…

    • Administrator says:

      John we are going to work with Gate Guard Services L.P out of Corpus Christi, Texas. In fact Roger Copper just called us and gave us a gate for tomorrow morning
      west of Carrizo Springs on 83 and Hwy 133 near Catarina TX. So I guess that we are back at work.

      • John Duncan says:

        Yep! That’s who we work for. Say Hi to Roger for me!! He may not remember me though…just tell him we’re the ones with the Winnebago that broke down and had to leave the gate in Cotulla.
        You’ll be very glad you went with Gate Guard Services.

  2. John Duncan says:

    …and yes…I LOVE coffee!!

  3. John Duncan says:

    Yes sir! Gate Guard Services…

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