The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Bear enjoying Easter Brunch

Easter, It really did not seem like it I guess after 46 years of being around children, eggs and the lot that go with this day it was for sure different for the two of us to only have our two wonderful Puppies and the good LORD for our 47th easter together. Hope that all of you out there had a good Easter.

Gizmo kicked back for Easter

Today was rather slow for our gate we had the mulching crew in at 7am they are cutting and mulchung trails through the brush for the Surveyors that came in today at 9:20 am and started doing there thing for the big truck they said will be in here in a few days to run some kinda test to find pools or pockets beneath the service. Yeah thats what I said they are supose to return Monday and maybe I can get more infomation as

Serveing crew

to what is about to happen.

Serveing crew getting ready


One of our visitors for Easter

I guess it was a slow day for the Company men also as they only came out about 4:30 PM was gone about 3 hours and returned for the day.

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