The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Loading the Mulching Machine to take them elsewhere. Asthey have finished on this Ranch

It has really been slow on our gate, on Friday they moved the last of the mulching machines out, said that they was moving to a Ranch farther down the road. And I guess that part of them moved along way away as they brought in Lowboy Trailers to haul them to there next destanation.

Yesterday was our first day since we have been gate guarding that we did not sign on 1 vehicle and only had about 2 that stopped looking for another drilling rig. we get a lots of that for Rig 186 which is 1.1 miles South of us.

Two of our Roadrunners here we think they are Him and Her.

We also had visits from our two new roadrunner buddies we think that they are a Him and Herand was wondering if Roadrunners mate for life.

Inez named him Fredrick( We think it is a Him)

We put out a water pale for them and have noticed that the what we think to be the male always drinks first then the female.

This is Fiona We think the She


Today we have the Survey teal from Global back in I guess that they are finishing up the trails that the mulching guys cut last. With these guys there is no asking questions as none of the crew today speaks english. I guess there is an advantage to that ???????? Not.

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