The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Command center for the Frac Crew

Posting for 5-4-11, Yeah I know it is getting posted on the 5th and yes I am late but it has been a very long and busy day. Day 2 of getting ready for this frac was more exciting than day one and  with 125 sign ins through the gate we have not been bored for sure.

Chemicals used to keep the bad stuff away

We had another round of Frac Equipment arrive today along with three more house trailers for Quarters and office space for the working folks.

We were blessed with the presents of the Border Patrol today, seems as though they spotted 3 of the young fellows down by the Well site. However the Patrols could find them guess they need some vehicles other than green and

1 of the 3 houses we got in today

White with light bars on the top. Duuuuh

The water line people were in most of the day getting the lins ready for the Frac, that is some kinda of a system they pump the water from a tank/Pond approx 2 miles away from the well through 2ea 10 inch pipes into the 13 frac tanks and then I gues they use it along with sand to carry out the Process. They have a rather good Video of the

Watertank for the houses

process here

We continue to get sand and Jell water trucks in here at 01:18 Am.

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