The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Well I didn’t get a chance to get in the update last evening. However the the Coil Tubing Rig, got Rigged Down and left out this Am at 03:45. And throughout the night we only received 6 frac sand trucks. and I just thought that they were slow getting the frac started back up. however shortly after the day crew arrived they started coming back out near 9am and stated that they were returning to the motel as they had yet another stuck plug in the well. (dang the bad luck) .

The planning Crew

We had a visit this morning from the Murphy oil planning group along with the Envirementtal people and a company named Black Gold. they were plotting the sites for soon to be drilled wells Briggs Units 7,8 and 9. When they left they said they did not know how soon this would happen but the three wells have been approved.

Waiting for the Rig to arrive

At 11:25 we had yet another Coil Tubing Team with their Rigs to see if they can clear this stuck plug.

Coil Tubing Rig

The Frac Supervisor stated that he has only seen one other time when they had 2 stuck plugs in a row on a well and they had to abandand that well for sagging casing.

What an Engine check out the size of the Dual Exhaust.

Hope that is not the case  here.  

Dangthe bad luck the computer command ccenter got damaged and had to be towed for repairs

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