The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Well Folks sorry about the inatention to the site but we have been having so much fun with frac sand trucks and work crews for the past few days that I just got slam Distracted from my duties. The coiltubing crew got the well cleared of unwanted plugs on the 10th late at night and they held them over for another day to make sure the frac was going well.

The coil tubing folks pulled out with the big rigs early morning on the 12th as the frac crews and gotten in 4 good blast. Well that didn’t last long as the day shift left going back into rest mode shortly after 9am to wait for yet another Coil tubing rig to drill out a stuck plug.

Here they come again Coil tubing Rigs

The new Coil tubing crew arrived this afternoon at 4PM and stated they would be in Rig up mode for about 6 to 8 hours. Since that time we have had parts delivery peole in twice one of them coming from 25 miles south of Houston (Wow bet that was a large ) Oh well maybe they are making headway down at the site. The frac crew had said they hoped to be finished with this job by Sunday and pulling out on Monday. Well I guess that guesstimate has changed.

Little Rabbit enjoying a drink of water

We had a nice Visit from a little Rabbit today that found the water tray that we put out for the birds.

Air Battle over the Briggs Ranch Gate

We also got to see a very nice air battle between a crow two Sizzor tail birds,

Good Nite Folks

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