The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

What a Beautiful Monday this has been, Started Out Overcast and cool and for the most part that is the way that it stayed most of the day. we would have a few minutes of sun then back to clouds.

Frac Equipment leaving Briggs ranch finally finished with the frac.

Yep the Frac crew got finished with the well and are still att hsi late hour moving equipment out, Yes they are staging it on another part of the ranch that is waiting for the well to be drilled on.

Here come the Coil Tubing Crew again bbuthis time they get to drill all the plugs out of the well so they can start the flow of the Black Gold.(OIL)

The Coil tubing crew made it back in this evening at 9:15 and I guess they will spend most of the night getting rigged up to drill all the plugs back out of the well.(17 in all)

We also had a change out in the oil company supervision for this well, seems as though it is time for these people to have a couple of weeks off and we got the two supervisors back that was on this gate when we first arrived here.

This spider when he stood up to runn he looke twice as big but the camera would put a light on him for focus and he would hunker down bet he thought his world was comiing to an end.WELL

We normally sit out in the evenings after it cools down for the puppies to get their time outside the RV. well this evening I think that a big ole spider decided that he wanted to carry one of us off……Yes that had to be one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen.

Well folks I will most likely have a long night with the swap out going on. So good night all.

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