The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

Gosh where did Tuesday go seems like I lost it, most of the night I was awake with the little water guys running in and out going to the Frac pond trying to get the water to flow so that the guys could get started drilling out the plugs once they got rigged up.The night was for sure to long with the change out of the Frac equipment and the incoming Coil Tubing Rigs and Oh did I mention the little guy running in and out to frac pond, yeah well they finally had to call in the specialist to show the little fellow how to operate the transfer pumps.

So today I slept most of the day away, and upon getting back to it tonight I have found that the traffic has slowed a good bit we only have the occasional water truck carrying out the vacuumed water from the well. The Coil Tubing Crew at shift change said all was going well and they had managed to drill out three of the plugs today and hopes to be finished in a couple of days.

Wow it is a big full moon tonight but it seems dark out

I was outside a bit ago to let the water truck out and noticed that we have a full moon tonight. Yes a very bright moon hope that the Vampire peoples are not out. I suppose that it will make for easy going though for the little Guys with the back packs going cross

country out here in South Texas.

Trying different settings I came up with this guess I need to read the manuel some more.

It seems to be darker than usual though for a full moon could it be that our gate guarding lights are deceiving us.

I guess I will try to get my nightly blog reading in then go for a nap between water trucks so good night all.

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