The Mcknight’s gate guarding Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina, Tx

We are still in place here on the Briggs Ranch and from what the New company man told us last Saturday we should be here through this week-end as he stated that he would keep

Track Hoe they brought in to change cattle gap

us here for a week and maybe a week and a half.

It has been very slow the well hasn’t been producing much of anything yet and they have only had water trucks in twice to haul off waste water. We did have some personnel come in with a track hoe and replaced a cattle gap down near the well pad. The trucks came in today and started carrying out the Frac

This guy delivered this lift here a month ago and came back today with his little load on back to pick it back up.

tanks for them to use in the frac of another well.

We are just enjoying this slow time for we know that when we get to another gate we wil be back at the run again for a while.

Long tail Black bird that comes to visit

This is the 2nd visit that we have had from this strange looking black bird since being here, He looks simular to a crow but his tail is too long to be a crow. If someone could tell us we would be thankful.

Our visiting Black bird withthe long tail

So for this time Good nite all..

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