Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

They used this big machine to clear the Trees and cactusfrom the area and it will chew up some trees in a hurry

Well Howdy all know!! You thought that I had gotten lost. No seems as though they had a problem with a Cell phone antenna for this area and the band with on my air card was so slow that it would not let me sign in to the Edit portion of the site to post to the Blog. That being finally fixed I still do not know if I will be able to upload pictures or not. Maybe can catch up the back post and get back in line with what has happened out here in Texas over the last month.
The First week in June they came in with large mulching machines and started clearing 4 more areas to put in oil drilling pads. Those machines will chew down a tree before you can say scat. They cleared away the trees and cactus and then in came large dozers, graders and packers and started pushing hills level. The pads are about 4 to 5 acres in size and they are designed for 2 wells to be drilled on each pad. They say that the surface of the pad cannot be more than 1 inch out of level for the oil well to drill properly.
They next brought in 330 dump loads of cliché dirt and paved the road and surface of the first double pad. They have pushed out the Mud hole where they dump the mud from the drilling process.
Theyprobably have about another week or so on the second pad before the start paving it.
The fence crew is supose to be back in next week to construct a fence and put in the cattle gap around the second site and probable finish up the gate area on the first site.
The Road runners have raised a brood of little road runners over the past six weeks or so and it has been great fun watching them carry bugs, rats and lizards to feed them with. A couple of days ago they brought the first one out to where we could see it, I suppose they were trying to teach it to eat own its on but the little fellow just ran at its mother with its mouth open. Like it was saying hey feed me.
Well I guess that about catches up on here I will try to post pictures tonight when I have a bit more band width on the air card.

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6 Responses to Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

  1. Debbie says:

    Hey there, Luke! Glad to have you back. I’ve be wondering about you guys!

    • Administrator says:

      Yeah it is good to be part the way back Still can’t post pictures everything moves so slow that it keeps saying can’t open page while trying to upload. maybe they will get us back on the world side before long.

  2. John Duncan says:

    LUKE! I thought you got lost out there in the sticks or something! Great to hear from you!

    • Administrator says:

      Yeah John it seems like we are lost.. Still can’t upload pictures and yesterday could not get to the post it page.

      • John Duncan says:

        What are you using for internet?

        • Administrator says:

          John we have a AT&T air card with a Booster Amp. it worked great for a while at this location. then about a month ago it just slowed down, Pages that don’t have much graphics does fair but it has a lots of pictures etc. its out of the question and Utubes that I used to watch are out. I have talked to AT&T but those people don’t even seem to be able to figure out where we are located at let alone what tower we are off of.They have a AT&T tower locater on the web but come to find out they are not part of the big company. So I guess they will find the problemone day.

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