Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

Well we will try this again. And this time we will save our post every few lines to try not having to rewrite the complete post when it does not upload. We  are having real fun (NOT) with this slow Internet connection. I guess if we have enough other things going while waiting for the pages to change it is not so bad.

Sunday was uneventful here at the gate with only the well people going in and out.

Monday saw the return for the drilling pad construction crew return to resume the work on the 2Nd pad seems as though they had to move 8 foot of dirt from the upper side of the hill to the lower side of the hill to level up the site. The new pad is only about 300 yards from our gate so we can hear the bulldozers and graders running pushing the dirt. They have four of the Bulldozers and each one pushes about a Large dump load of dirt at a time from one side of the pad to the other.

Tuesday the pad construction crews continue with the pushing of dirt and today they started hauling water in to wet down the dirt and started running two large vibrator packers to pack the soil they had pushed to the lower side. Shortly after the crew left for the day we had a nice thunder storm which delivered a lot more water for the construction crew and it has rained on and off the rest of the evening. As of 11:57 we still have a good amount of rain coming down. Thank you Lord for the rain.

We haven’t seen the fence crew back yet to get the fence up around the 2nd pad, guess they have gotten busy else where.

I tried uploading pictures again tonight and it is still a no go So when we get better speed I will try to get that part of the blog cought up.


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3 Responses to Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

  1. Debbie says:

    Luke – my computer has shut itself off about a dozen times tonight. I, too, have lost and re-lost my post. I did post the link to your blog again this week.
    IF you can get on line and have the time, I’m trying to wrap up the GG series with pros and cons. I’d love to know what you and Inez see as the pros and cons of gate guarding if you could email me some thoughts! Take care! Debbie

  2. Frances Williams says:

    What a way to go. I think I’ll stay out here in these woods….Love you both

  3. Poor line speeds and losing content is what caused us to go to Windows live writer, a free download from microsoft.
    We are currently hosting a campground up in the Rocky Mountains and have really enjoyed following your blog.

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