Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

Yeah I know it has been almot a month again since I have updated but we are still having loads of fun with even getting online here in the Brush country. We will try to let all know that we are still here and how things are going here at the Briggs Ranch. Well they got finished with the pad construction and yes they now have 4 pads ready for drilling new oil wells. This time they consolidated 2 drilling areas on each pad, seems ad though they will drill one well then move the drilling pad over a few feed and drill another on as thay have stakes about 20 feet apart on the pads with the well numbers on the stakes.

Wow look at teh size of the push and Two of them getting at it.

Was quite a site getting to watch them construct the new sights, pushing the dirt out level and then hauling in the cliche to pave the pads and roads to them.




And then came the Dirt Trucks 300 of them per pad






We have also had fun with our animal friends, the road runner that Inez named Oscar has really grown and now follows us around like a new puppy. He is here most every morning eating bugs from the lights that we have burning all night every night.

We also have a little ground Squerl that comes to help the birds eat the sun flower seed that w

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6 Responses to Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

  1. Tom Shannon says:

    HI Luke & Inez:

    Got your blog from Kit & Jerry & Debbie & Heidi. Both dw & I are gate wanna be’s here near Salt Lake. Glad to hear things are going well, and say hi to Beep ,Beep Roadrunner (Oscar) and Bushy Tail!!
    STay safe
    Tom & Cathy Shannon
    Magna, Utah

  2. Debbie says:

    Luke – it’s always so great to read you’re posts. You’re such a positive guy! Hi! to Inez and best of bugs to Oscar! ~Debbie

  3. Bob Waldrop says:

    Hey Luke You cut the blog short. Reminds me of me having a senior moment. Sent you an e-mail this evening. Just checking in on you guys. Take care and your pet RoadRunner likes little hamburger balls made with fresh hamburger. That is what we fed our friend in New Mexico.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Bob thanks for checking in, sorry I am late answering but we have been without internet for about 6 days and every thing has fallen behind. Hope that you and your wife are enjoying the summer. Yes the Road Runner buddy ate Livers until he got grown up but now he will not eat any thing but bugs which in a plentyful supply. Hows the new boat docks guess that you guys will be going back to La before long HUH?
      Keep in touch Luke

  4. Just found your site and love it !!! What company do you work for ? We did gate guard for Timekeepers last winter. We stationed out of Zapata,TX. (real boonies) 30 mi to town. Are now in Branson,Mo for the summer doing landscaping. Will head back to TX in Oct.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the blog, really enjoyed reading it and getting to know you guys.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Karen thanks, The wife and I are having fun out here in Texas. We too started out with Timekeepers, But after 3 months we moved over to Gate Guard services which to us seems to have better Equipment and care for the gate guards. Lord willing we will still be gate guarding when you return so by all means give us a shout. If you get near maybe we can visit.

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