Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

Oscar has been resting also

Look at who is back.. Yep it is I Hope that they have our problem fixed for this part of Texas. Don’t know for sure what fixed it or if it is completely fixed. For the past 4 days I have had totally no internet connectivity and I placed a call to the att support people and after the nice man spent several hours with me on the phone deleting this and that,starting and shutting down the computer, He finally stated that he did not know what the problem was but he would create a case file for the problem and that someone from ATT would call me within 48 to 72 hours to go through the checks again to see if the problem was resolved.In the mean time I went to the Att wireless store in Laredo, Texas(recommended By Tech Support) to see if the people there could explain why each time I tried to update the air card it said there were no updates available. Well they took it (the air card) into the back room and checked it out and stated that the Antenna connection was bad on the air-card.Well the short of it after 6 days of (*&*&)(^&&SH– I can again connect to the internet seems to be about the same speed that I used to have before. With a new type air-card the Sierra Wireless AT&T Mobile Hot spot Elevate 4G. It replaced the Air-card and the Cradle-point router that I used before and seems to pretty much support what the router did. If I ever get all the reading and setting up done that one has to do with new devices.
Anyway maybe I can get back to regular post and get all cought up on the happenings of the Briggs Ranch. First I am going to try and edit some of the lattest post for the pictures and see how that comes out then we will get on with it.
So I will get to the edits and then the new post till Later then Be Happy.

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3 Responses to Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

  1. Debbie says:

    So good to hear from you again, Luke! They do stick us a LONG way from the towers, don’t they! Looking forward to catching up with you!

  2. John Duncan says:

    Welcome back my friend!

    • Administrator says:

      Thank you John I am still not all the way back online I am starting to think it might be my cinfiguration on the puter. I had the Sierra air card pop up last night suggesting I use a high speed Usb port… Daaaaaaaaaa it wasn’t smart enout to point out to me which one is hight speed? But I now have the &10.00 per month tech support for the unit so I will call them.

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