Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

Wow cold weather and less bugs

Yes we are still here it is really slow at this gate. We have 4 new pads ready for a drilling rig however the Murphy folks seem to have a problem getting one in on this location. They had the Coastal 15 up at the other gate on this ranch it drilled 3 wells there and then moved to Kern City over by Three Rivers and we suppose to get a new one in here. But at present we are just waiting and they do have a crew here flowing the one well and they average 2 loads of about 360 barrels a day. Now how would that be for a pay check in a week.

Well a bug is a bug but Oscar really seems to like the big wing ones

Well we woke up 2 days ago to a nice surprise it was 51 Degrees yep that is what I said and then yesterday it was 57 Degrees when we got out. This morning they are saying it will be 61 and we can handle that however it has been cooler the last two mornings than the weather channel had us down for. We can take it and the highs for the last couple of days has been like 94 with a humidity of around 25.OooooooooK

I have found that if I post early in the AM my singin pages I can get into so I guess I will try to update between Mid-night and whenever.

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One Response to Gate Guarding at The Briggs Ranch Hwy 133 Catarina Texas

  1. John Duncan says:

    Hey Luke…glad things are cooling off for you guys! Now if you’d just let it rain…

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