New Gate The O’Brien 5 Cattle Ranch El Indio, Texas

Our New gate location Is near the small town of El Indio, Tx 14 miles south of Eagle Pass

Wow doesn’t seem possible that we have been here a week already. Yes we were in Carrizo Springs waiting for our new gate when Rodger ask if we could come take over this gate which had an emergency with the prior operator. So here we are it was rather busy for this first week as we arrived here at the end of the Fracing process.This is also a experimental process on this well where they are using Propane gas instead of

Our new parking location, Still setting up

water to Frac with so we had a lots of different people in and out. They have finished the frac and went through the process that they called recovering the propane from the well, Had a work over rig in over the week-end to scrub the casing and now they say they are ready to start trying for a flow.

This company also had another Drilling pad constructed approx 2 miles up the road and stated that the Drill rig is to arrive to drill that one on the 1st of Oct.
Stay Tuned I will try to post more often that we have service back up.
We Sure are missing our Oscar and the other Animals over at Catarina Here the Ranch hand has about 8 horses and a bunch of calfs behind us about a 100 yards.
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One Response to New Gate The O’Brien 5 Cattle Ranch El Indio, Texas

  1. Debbie says:

    So you’ve moved! I bet Oscar is lost without you! Maybe he’ll soar your way!
    Take care down there!
    ~ Debbie

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