Moved to Schwot Ranch 11 miles NorthEast of Cotulla,Tx on Ranch Rd 469

Yes we was sent packing from the O’Brien 5 almost a week ago was there for 5 weeks, seems as tho the oil company there came up with a dry hole and after sinking 5 million dollars into it they decided to shut down and regroup, They ask if we could take a week or so off until there board of directors made a decission (NOT). Hey after all we are out here to work not lay around a RV park . However this cold weather made us wish we were somewhere this morning when we got up to 34.5 degrees.

We are greatful to Roger our GGS boss He came through for us once again and here we are.The ranch owner tells us that they are going to drill a bunch of wells here so maybe we can be with them for a while Presently they have 1 pad ready and 4 more at different stages.

The oil man told the wife this afternoon that the Drill rig is supose to arrive here next Wed. Maybe we will have a few more easy days before they go flat out.

We also have crews onsite installing gas and oil pipes.

Stay tuned I promiss that I will attemp to post more often if I can keep a internet connection. They tell us that we are right on the edge of the footprint for the Cell tower and I got the Amp up and the pages are loading slow but loading. May not be any pictures.. we will do what we can with what wet got.

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2 Responses to Moved to Schwot Ranch 11 miles NorthEast of Cotulla,Tx on Ranch Rd 469

  1. Debbie says:

    Well hi there! I check each day to see if you’ve posted anything! It’s good to have you back! Our rig is stacking Wednesday so looks like we’re headed for the unemployment line… Hopefully, we’ll get placed fairly quickly.
    Glad you two have a new gate!
    Take care,

  2. Administrator says:

    Glad to hear that you all have a good gate please be safe. Make sure that you get a good phone number for the Border Patrol and Sheriffs office for your county. We had teh action start big time here today they moved the House Trailers and drill pipes in along with all the set up for the trailers. Tomorrow they are to move the rig in. So we should have another day of fun shame we dont
    have fast enough connection to post pictures.

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