Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

This is our new location at the Schwope Ranch Gate

Wow today got us started off for sure Luke had appointment to get the puppies groomed over in Crystall City left at 06:15 arrived and dropped them off they never like that part. Managed to get a bracket fabricated at the welding shop and get Groceries while waiting on Pups. Returned to gate at 1:40PM to find that they had moved up the move in date by 1 day and had already delivered three Trailer Houses and several loades

Excitement they got the tow truck stuck making the turn at the gate

of drill pipe. we continue to recieve trucks as I write this post. Just let a water truck out that had delivered his second load of water for the Trailers. Tomorrow the rig is to start movingĀ  in so I guess we will have another busy and exciting day.

So stay tuned and we will \\\\\Look I managed to get 2 pictures to uplaod

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