Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

This started a Gate jam, Wonderful stuff. Yep thye got stuck in the sand as the trailer house did but it took a lots more to get 118,000 pounds unstuck.

Wow I managed to get a page to open  now if I can manage to get this written and posted I guess it will be good for family and friends. Since our last post they have managed to get the rig NoMac 46 moved in and most of the way up. One of the company men told us this afternoon that they should have the rigup completed tomorrow and hopefully turning Drill points on Sunday.

Today has been a study flow of different

Yes he burried the tractor to the axles front and back

Materials for the Drilling process and since this is our first encounter with a drilling rig most of it is Greek to us.

We had three trucks come in while I was naping this afternoon and on signing them in the Wife thought they were sand trucks as they were of the same types that we got on frac’s and she said the driver quickly informed her that they had Barite not sand.

They have some BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG loads with these Rigs

We still do not have the Derik lights so I guess that they do not have the tower up yet. Maybe tomorrow The Rig is 1 mile from us but maybe we will be able to see the tower.

I Am going to attempt to publish this now and then .

At any  rate stay tuned and we will continue to do the best we can with what we got.

WOW I guess they have lots of platforms…….HUH

Well I have found out that when the LOGG people come in for logging  info on the well we get 4G service and I can upload pictures while they have there Ant up

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