Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

Road that runs past our RV up the hill 1 mile to the Drill Rig On the corner is where everyone got stuck

Lights, Yes we have them looks like a city on the horizon and they have lights to includde a pretty red blinking lights on the derik. we have had a constant flow of trucks in and out today brining in different materials and they have had 2 welders working with steel that was brought in this morning. 

Learning is always neat, The drilling side is completly different from the production side. For the last several

Road from Hwy into our gate

months we have always been on gates with frac and flow back rigs behind the gates so this drill stuff is for sure a nice change. We had some of the nomac team tell us this evening that they should start Drilling tomorrow morning early hours. So we will keep watching and hopefully learn more as the days go on.

Stay tuned in and we will continue to do the best we can with what is at hand.

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2 Responses to Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Luke!
    Looks like you’re having more success than I am with the internet. Wow – the window of getting on-line in tiny here. We’ve always been on the drilling side. You’re right, there’s so much to learn. Great to catch up with you! Think we’re out of mice! Hurray!

    • Administrator says:

      We have it made as long as the Logging crew is here. I don’t know for sure what they do at the well site but they have a box trailer they bring with them with a big dish ant on it and when they come in and set up usually within 20 minuates we have 4G reception. They have been here this time for 2 days maybe they will stay for a while.
      glad to hear that you are free of the mice. we have out the stink balls and the electronics on and I bought a bunch of the Urinal cakes for the departments outside as they have holes in the dirt every where you look here. We sure don’t like them inside and it is starting to cool off here also.
      Good luck to you all and I hope you are getting settled in on your new digs.

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