Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

This is the road that leads to the pipe line from our gate

The gate business has been rather slow here at the Schwope Ranch for the past couple of days. With only about 45 to 50 vehicles a day most of them getting tickets signed from where they moved the rigg in I guess. Yesterday they delivered 4 Semi’s of pipe for the surface drill the Company man called it and said they would install this pipe 12″ down to a depth of 3700ft And those drill bits are turning fast they started drilling yesterday at 4PM and they have

A shop of the Drill Rig from our RV at night

reached 3700 feet already and the coment trucks have just arrived to run cement for the pipe that we recieved yesterday. They say that they will be going another 4,000ft beforee they start the Horizonal run I guess if the next drilling goes as fast as this last day they will be starting the Horizonal before next week-end.

We still have the loggin trailer in so we

Night View of the McKnight's

still have great internet service sure would be great if they would go off and leave the Antenna with us kit is great to have 4G service on our aircard.

So stay tuned to see our best

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