Schwope Ranch Northeast of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

1 of our many trucks delivering Cement for the well Casing

Well things have again picked up for us here at the gate seems as though the Drilling team has reached their first Goal that being getting to the depth needed for Pulling up the big Bits and installing the casing for what they told us was the surface Run (3,700Ft) Wow in  only 30 Hours they drilled that deep. And it takes a week to drill a little ole fresh water well back in Georgia. Anyway last night we had mud trucks Hauling off, Different service companies in for

They delivered a fine machine to the ranch today to clear a new roadway to pad E

different jobs like installing the caasing. another to run the cement around the casing, which takes a while to cement that much pipe and quite a few cement trucks and a Big ole Pump that looked a lot like the pumps they use in the Frac  of oil wells. And all this time I thought that they had a drill team that did all these Jobs But No they bring in different companies for all the different Task. (Well Daddy used to say a day without learning was a wasted day.May God be teaching him Now Bless you Daddy)

Seems as though some sort of bracket on the uppermost part of the Rig broke last evening and they have had three different welders and a Hydrilic person working on that most of last night and today.

Some of the Drill crew returned from town a short time ago and said that they should begin the 2nd round of drilling tomorrow morning which will go down another 4,000ft before they start the flare for Horizontal drilling.

We also had a crew come in today to woirk on Pad E seems as though the oil company dug up there road to the pad to install gas and oil pipes so they now have to clear another roadway and build it so the rig can move from its present pad to that one once it reaches completion where it is now.

So stay tuned and we will continue to try to keep up.

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