Schwope Ranch Northwest of Cotulla Texas on Ranch Road 469

Our Drilling Rig on location with t he direk part way down while changing out drill points

Well it has been slow at the gate over the Holidays, as it turned out the rig broke on the eve of Thanksgiving a relief valve that had to do with up  and down movement of the top section of the deriks Broke and it being Thanksgiving they had to wait to get it in almost 2 days later so they cooked Turkeys and the trimmings for the people on the Rig. They are now back up and running and the Bit guider told me this morning that

Land owners Grandson with his 9 point buck on Thanksgiving Eve

once they go back into the hole this time they will have 14 more hours before they reach Total depth. And then they will have to bring the drill pipe out and set the well casing and get the concrete trucks in to cement those pipes in place. Then they are suppose to move over to another pad and drill two more Wells. Don’t know yet if they are going to Frac this first well upon completion or not.

We Also have two other construction companies on site building Roads and pads, One of the companies have the pad for the next drill site of the Rig almost ready for Cliechie and the trucks should start rolling in here tomorrow Three hundred belly dump trucks over two days.

The other construction company tells us that they will start road base on the three miles of road to the other pad on wed so looks like we are in for a busy week.

Then I suppose we will have all the Rig moving trucks in over the

Stay tuned we will try with what we have to keep all abreast of what is happening to ole Luke and Inez.

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  1. Administrator says:

    Yeah we went and traded for our 5th wheel and was away from the web for almost a week, we are back now and enjoying the rig

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