Made it back to the Area of Cotulla Texas in Niavez RV Park

Yep we made it in here last night Friday at about 8PM. the trip from Katy Tx went well. THEN we broke one of our long time rules of 6+ years, that being never go into a park after the hours of darkness to get parked and set up. It brought back memories of my driving days when trying to park in truck stops in the dark with just enough room to try and shot that 53′ trailer abck into a dark hole that you could not see. Well this trailer park that we are in is just about as bad no lights and the trailers are just almost as close as trucks in a truck stop. We managed to get it backed in Put the level jacks down on the front ran tyhe slide outs open and called it a day. then this morning I leveled it on up and disconnected Big White from it.

This Morning we have had one problem that we liked to have never solved and it really reminded me of a blog that I read from another Gate Guard. while I was getting mad and calling the dealer to try to get answers on a Sat. finally found a service tech that knew his stuff and solved the problem. The problem was the same as theirs how to drain the second grey water tank. the wife was washing the puppies when the sink backed up she said I thought you draind the tanks when we left Katy Texas, to which I replied yes Dear I did. well said she you didn’t do so good the sink in the kitchen will not drain. so the fun begain and when I took the rear tank cap off and pulled the valve handle nothing happened so I looked and looked made a phone call to the dealer they said there is probably a handle behind the left rear tire, I looked no valve, searched all around couldn’t find called dealer again and the service manager said he would get me an answer and sure enough they call back a couple of hours later and his Tech told me to look underneath where the little plackard was for grey waste and sure enough there it is the same color as the main frame attached to same and you have to lay on your back and reach way up there to pull it open. What a stupid design its like an after thought. Its raining here I have red mud all over along with Sand spurs.
All in all the move wasn’t too bad we got to Katy on Monday, they had ordered a washer and drier for the rig and the drier was in but not the washer. so Tues they received the washer we had slept in the new rig Monday night they came and got it and put it in the shop abpujt 11:30AM and we got it back at 7:30PM we moved stuff from the Motor Home to the 5th wheel untill 02:00 the following morning took a short nap and was back at moving at 7:30 AM Wed. Inez desided that she would like to wash a load of close to check out the newq equipment. Well when I hooked up and turned on the water there was a slight leak at the faucet so I went and got water pump pliers tightend fitting then went inside aas I walked by the front of the rig I heard water running and I went to the door and ask the wife if she got the washer running that fast to which she replied I have been upstairs yet. OOOOOOOOOOOps I said hurry check I hear water running she screamed shut off the water and as I went under the front of the rig I got a shower from the water starting to run out of the bed room. Got the water sut off went and talked to Salesman and maintenance and after a few hours here they came took it back tot he shop. This time it was returned at 6:30Pm with the carpet still damp in the Closet we elected to put our heater on the carpet all night and runn the Air too to dry the carpet and floor out.

Then Thursday while finishing the move from Motor home to 5th wheel upon placing boxes in the front under bay I noticed that the floor had a large amount of water in it. Our Salesman was there and we got paper towels and dried it all out and he wanted to take the panel loose in the back of the bay loose to see if we could see any leaks, seeing none we figured that the water had come from the washer leak. No such luck in a short time the water was back in the floor Out comes the Tech again and the first thing he says we have to take it back to the shop. I said well we have to finish the move and we need to try to get done so after a hour he came back with the parts and replaced them in the camp ground. We finally finished the move at 11:00Pm and managed to depart Katy Friday at 2:00Pm.

All  in all it was a good experence but not one that I would like to carry out again in the near furture.

Stay tuned and check back and Monday or so we sould be

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2 Responses to Made it back to the Area of Cotulla Texas in Niavez RV Park

  1. Debbie says:

    It’s never easy, is it Luke? :D
    So glad you two are back and enjoying your new home!
    Looking forward to hearing much more!

  2. Administrator says:

    Debbie we are for sure back and enjoying every minute of the new home.
    I was getting ready to try to figure out how to get your phone number when trying to drain the third tank as I reember you saying you had a hidden handle!! Roger let us know on Sunday that it was time to get back to work as he had a gate for Sue and Wayne so we got back to our gate Monday morning about 6:45AM. We are really enjoying reading your year in review. They told us today that we have 300 plus cleich trucks tomorrow for another pad they are constructingso busy days are back also.

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