Change coming to the Schwope Ranch near Cotulla Texas

Well just when you think that you are sitting in a field of clover you find out that the bees may be swarming. Yes today we were informed that our Drill rig has about another week till they will be finished with the hole that they are boring and they will be moving off ranch. The Company man went over this afternoon to check out the new site. Said it is 5 miles on the other side of I-35 on the same Hwy that we are currently on.(maybe I should say off of as we are 1.2 miles down a dirt road from County road 469)

Maybe they will start fracing the wells they have already drilled here as the Company had people in here last week Logging two of the wells and putting Frac heads on them. Guess they will let us know when it comes about. We have found out that in the Gate Guard world they sorta treat you like Mushrooms. (keep you in the dark and feed you s*&^).

Our Yorkie has decided that we have mice we haven’t seen one yet but for two nights he has been smelling and searching.

Gizmo looking for mice

Maybe if I bring him some toys he will come out

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4 Responses to Change coming to the Schwope Ranch near Cotulla Texas

  1. Debbie says:

    Gizmo is so cute! Mice – not so much. Our final tally was 13! You’re right! We are a lot like mushrooms! ;)

    • Administrator says:

      Yeah Debbie that Gizmo was my truck dog when I was driving big rigs and needless to say he is spoiled rotten. We haven’t seen any mice yet I guess they must have gotten into the rat food or the Sonic blasters sent them away. I hope that they will stay gone. Well you all try to stay warm it has been quite cold here as of late. 24 degrees last night.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hey, I love your new banner! :D

    • Luke says:

      Thanks Debbie I found one of those free programs on the web for building wweb page headers and decided to trey it. Works pretty good

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