Change is good down on the Schwope Ranch!! Maybe

Installing more support for the outgoing Rig and it might even stop the water from running under the house when it rains

Well we have had some change and some excitement here at the gate yesterday and today the folks down on the rig found the bottom of the hole last evening and are finishing up with the casing today. And since they are moving the rig off ranch and they  got several vehicles stuck here at the gate on move in We suppose that they decided to build up the road to support the vehicles so we had more cliche truck and construction machines most of the day here at the gate.

Border Patrol round up the stray uninvited

We also had some excitement from the border patrol as we had 8 of the people from south of the border visit the ranch (uninvited) today so we had a Helicopter three trucks and a bunch of dogs all over the ranch like bees on honey.

We are still in the dark as to what we will be doing at the end of the week when the rig moves out.

Truck with dogs looking for the uninvited

So till the next time stay tuned.

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  1. Luke says:

    Thanks Bob

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