Down on the Schwope Ranch looks like work again

Well now after three weeks of Idle looks like we might be getting back to the Business of some Down Texas Gate Guarding. Here at 9:30PM we got the first vehicle of the day at the gate with of all things a load of Porta Potties I thinks this guy is at the wrong gate. Not he informed me that he did indeed need to go to the first pad that they drilled as he had been told that we will have a work-over here in the AM and his company had been advised to have those houses here by 6AM. So waho here we go he also stated that his work mate was to be delivering some light carts later tonight. Maybe he will get here before the cold weather, yep it is suppose to get down in the low 30′s tonight with rain. I remember last Feb we was over near Tilden  Texas and they said we were going to have cold with rain and we got up the next morning with the RV and roads covered with ICE

We had 6 Turkeys visit for a while

We had some nice visitors yesterday. 6 Turkeys came by and stayed around for a good while like they thought we would give them a hand out.

Okay I guess that’s it for now so stop back and we will post as to where the work-over Rig makes it in.


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