Down on the Schwope Ranch It is work,work again

We had checked in about 20 trucks at this point and all of a sudden we looked and trucks as far as you could see.

Well the young fellow yesterday was for sure right when he stated that we should have a work-over rig arriving here this morning around 6:30AM. We logged the first truck into the gate at 6:47AM and it was pretty much non stop traffic until over into the afternoon We logged more vehicles in the first hour this morning than we have had since the Drill Rig pulled out three weeks ago. Didn’t get a chance to talk to the Company man to see if they are

The work over rig

going to work all three wells while they are here. Maybe I will get to ask him that when he comes back in the morning or maybe the Night company man when he comes by. But I sometimes think they are somewhat treated like mush rooms also.

It has been very cold here all day today and have encountered rain and sleet most of the day and when I let 2 trucks

Very Cold looking clouds at Sun Set

in at10:35PM it was real fine sleet and the wind is right out of the North.

OK I guess that is all I have to work with for today. Till later then.

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