Down on the Schwope Ranch The Work-over Rig is working out.

Thae moving trucks are back to move the rig to site #2

These people are working beavers they arrived here early on Feb 12 and yesterday morning the big rigs was here to move them off of well one to well two. I guess that they needed new drill pipes as they send all the old ones out and brought in loads of new ones. The Company man told us this evening that the big trucks should be back in Sat morning to move them to well three. And after three or four days there

Bringing in the new drill pipes for #2

they should be out of here. Work wise it has been rather slow about all that we have had in and out has been water and Vacuum trucks and a few supply vehicles over all we have probably averaged 25 to 30 vehicles per day.

The survey team was in yesterday for running the water lines for the Frac crews. The Company Man with them

Used for loading the large units and pipes

told us that we should be getting the frac equipment in around the 29th.

Today the water line people were back in laying the pipes for the first well. They plan to lay out all the pipe for the three wells and then just change over as they complete each of the sites.

Well I guess that is all we have to work with for today so stop back and check us out

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  1. Mary Ellen Creech says:

    As a GRITS(girl raised in the south) in SC I had no knowledge of oil & gas exploration. Out of the “west” this summer came an offer to lease mineral rights in La Salle County I did not know anything about. Through internet research I have some remedial knowledge now. Your blog has been so informative. Then I came across in your blog you were off “FM469.” This seems so close to our abstract 434 on FM 469. Could you private EMAIL –have many questions??? Thank you, Mary Ellen

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