Change back to the Mushroom stage on the Schwope Ranch

Yep  you guessed it we had another change yesterday at about 5:35PM the fellows that brought in the water pipes  for the frac of the wells came back to pick the pipes back up and informed us they they were told that our Frac crew had been move up three weeks. Then I talked to the Land owner today and he stated that the Company Man told him that it would now be two weeks before the frac people arrive. At any rate we hope that we will get to remain here until they get started.

We have bushes that look like these in Georgia but they do not have beautiful flowers like these

At least we can enjoy the beautiful flowers that we have been graced with. Looks like someone came out after the last rain and sewed wild flowers every where that you look. I was watching the cows and calf’s today that they have on the ranch next to us and I wondered if the wild flowers caused the milk to taste sour that the calf’s drink from the Mother Cows. I know you wonder why I would think something like that. Well when I was much younger we were Beautiesraised on a farm and we had to milk the cow before going to school in the morning and again in the afternoon after getting  home from school and if the milk cow got into the Clover or Honey Suckle vine while they were first in bloom the milk would really taste sour and Mom would take and put it in the slop bucket for the pigs. I ask her once why we had to carry on collecting the milk if we could not drink it and she Beside our RVtold me that was my job and it must be done.Later I figured out if you stopped milking the cow they would dry up early and if they were not allowed to grace the flowers any more the taste would clear up. I also figured that with 9 children to raise Mother did not always feel like answering useless questions.

Well we will be in waiting for the changes

They really like the green grass

down on the Schwope. Stop by anytime to check us out and Shot leave a comment.

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3 Responses to Change back to the Mushroom stage on the Schwope Ranch

  1. Mike says:

    Didn’t know you were from Ga, I grew up on a farm in south Ga (Fitzgerald). I remember the bitter taste the milk would have if the cow had eaten kudzu. Have been enjoying your blog for some time now. The wife and I are planning to GG in the near future.

  2. Luke & Inez: Still enjoying your posts. Glad you are not having too much excitement. The wild flowers are sure pretty, but so many of them are attached to thistles that I’ll just worship them from afar. LOL.

  3. Vicky says:

    We are between Cotulla & Encinal. Our two wells are done fracing and we are almost through with the pipeline phase. It’s been extremely interesting to watch all of the activities, equipment moving in & out and just everything that goes on. One thing for sure, the clock doesn’t mean much down here.

    Enjoy your slower times… things will pick up for sure when the fracing starts!

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