Starting to get hot down on the Schwope Ranch

Wow hot today 94

Yes it is The Temperature Has made it to 94 degrees at the front of our 5er,That is the probe that I have hanging off the Emergency cable to the hookup. When I push the outside temp on  the thermostat inside the RV it gives me a reading of 101 Degrees and I do not know where that sensor is located. I would guess in the direct sunlight. And we have a 30percent  chance of rain this afternoon and 50

We got 9 loads of pipe to do the first frac and that is the closet well ot the Frac Pond


Well we had the Frac Leader show up bright and early this morning and a short time after that the Frac tanks started flowing in, since 9:30 this morning we have received 13 Frac tanks and 3 more loads of water lines. We got in 7 loads of water lines yesterday.

We have a Pads and roads work over crew in this week reworking same. They

Water-truck wetting down our area and road

have a water truck wetting down the roads, then comes the roller, then the blade. (we used to always call them a Motor Grader) But here in Texas they are blades. I told the water truck driver that it would not hurt any-ones feelings if he got the area around us really wet as they are bringing in the frac crew this week-end and shortly after that we will have all the sand trucks in and out daily won’t take long for it to get good an dusty.

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2 Responses to Starting to get hot down on the Schwope Ranch

  1. Debbie says:

    Gosh, that’s hot Luke! It hasn’t been over 86 here (according the weather wunderground) – I don’t have a special hanging probe! ;)

  2. Luke says:

    Yes Debbie it has been very warm here for the time of year, that hanging probe is one that I bought from Lowes I think it was and it has a probe that you hang in the shade out side and it transmits the temp inside for you to view.
    Our Thermostat on the 5th wheel also shows the outside Temp. but it said that it was 101 degrees and I haven’t been able to locate the outside probe for it but I would say it was in direct sunlight.

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