Frac Stage down on the Schwope Ranch

Big Bull Dozer Stationed at gate to pull heavy trucks out of mud holes

We got the Frac Rig and crew in. It took some doing as we had almost 2 inches of rain right before their arrival and they had to Station a Big Dozier up by the gates to pull some of them out of the mud holes on the way into the Ranch. They have gotten set up and the sand and Vacuum trucks have stared there Routine.



Here comes the frac Equipment

So looks like the McKnight’s are going to be busy for a while.  But that’s the

way they like it makes time go by faster.




Wow Muddy road HUh

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One Response to Frac Stage down on the Schwope Ranch

  1. Debbie says:

    We’ve always followed a rig so we’ve never been there for fracing. Do you like it?

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