1 Down 2 to go down on the Schwope Ranch

Sand Trucks going out final time for this well

Wow how time fly’s out here on the gate when you are super busy. The Frac sand trucks rolled out for the finish of the first well. Now they go with the task of rigging down and moving to well # 2 and rigging back up again looks like now the frac for well 2 should begin on or about the 21st of the month. They take most of the Big pumps back to the shop and bring in new ones for the next well So I guess that we will be getting

Yep off they go into the dust,Or as a Gate guard friend said another-one bite the DUST

them back today or tomorrow that’s 15 or 20 vehicles.

I guess that is the it for now Stop back we will try to enlighten you.

The break for a few days will be good to though as Inez got to take the Puppies to Carrizo  Springs this morning for there grooming. I know they will be happy to get rid of some of that hair with this warm weather. We had a loud storm last night but it did not deliver much water in fact the dust is already blowing around with the high winds that we have today.




Bear getting ready for the groomer

Gizmo,Says yeah me to I wanta go

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3 Responses to 1 Down 2 to go down on the Schwope Ranch

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like you’re really keeping busy!
    Hope all is well with you two!

  2. Bruce says:

    My wife Kathy and I just started as gate guards this week and we are approx. 8 miles south of Dilley,Tx.. I read your blog and see that you take your dog to a groomer. What is the location of the groomer you use or do you happen to know of a groomer near our location.

    • Luke says:

      I am so sorry that I took so long to reply but it seems as though the time just fly’s any more.Yes we did use the groomer in Carrizo Springs located in the Building with Vet Jon C. Taylor DVM, which is located Hwy 277 West Office phone 830-876-3401 we always called the Vets office and his Secretary would make the appointment for the Groomer.
      Before that we used a groomer in Crystal City but she closed her shop due to health problems.
      Again sorry for being so late getting back you. Hope you alll have a great summer Gate guarding and maybe we will see you down the Road.
      Sincerely Luke and Inez

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