2 Down and working on the last Frac on the Schwope Ranch

And the sand Trucks keep on comiing

Yes it has been rather busy here on the Schwope for some time now of the three drilled wells that we have on the ranch. The Frac Company has completed the Frac on 2 of them and at present they are working on the last one. Say they should be completed the first of next week.


Tanks arrive for Tank farm that will receive the oil when the flow starts

We have also received and they have set up the tanks on one of the pads for the oil to flow into when they start that process. Which they tell us is in the very near future. The welding crew was in today to start the process of welding the pipes up to the tanks but was put on hold for some reason and stated they did not know when they will return. Something to do with the completion of the coil Tubing crew.

Look like they grew several inches after the rain

We had another 3″ and all the dust gave up to the Mud however the flowers seemed to like it and looks as tho they grew another 3 to 4 inches from the water. We are trying to collect some of the wild flower seeds to see if they will grow in Georgia when we go home.


We have Butterfly’s every where now since the last rain the Land Owner said that they migrate through here every year There are several different colors of them

We just lost the ability to upload pictures so I will try again later.

Until  then See Ya.


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One Response to 2 Down and working on the last Frac on the Schwope Ranch

  1. Debbie says:

    The flowers are beautiful and I can only imagine how much fun it must be to see all those butterflies! Bet you two are counting the days with Georgia on your mind! :D

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