It’s Moving Down here On the Schwope with 7 Days and a Wake up

Yes we have one more week to go and we will start our trip back to Georgia for a short break, Lord willing we should be back out this way for some more Gate Guarding on or about Nov 1, 2012. We are going from here to Katy Texas for the RV folks to take care of some warranty work then its onward with a couple of stops along the way to Georgia. We will keep you posted if we have internet service at our stops.

For the news here at the Schwope they managed to get all 3 wells Fraced and installed some kind of packer on each well then ran a work over Rig on each

Welding up the pipe and fittings to hook up the tank farm to the Oil well.

and now they are Still working on getting the pipes and equipment set up for the tank farms on each pad.

Our little buddy Oscar

Bear getting warm on our latest cold snap 46 degrees..Brrr

The Flowers are starting to welt back now that we haven’t had any rain for a while and we even had a visit from a road runner today. we still miss our Oscar that we had at a gate last Spring and Summer.

We will try to update again right before setting up on the road again.

So take care and we will see ya up the Road

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5 Responses to It’s Moving Down here On the Schwope with 7 Days and a Wake up

  1. Debbie says:

    Safe travels, my friends and keep in touch!

    • Luke says:

      Thank you so much Debbie Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you but the last few days were rather hectic. We are now in Katy Texas get some warrenty work done on the 5th wheel before hea To Georgia. You Good People try to stay cool this summer and we will be back this Fall. Probable Oct or Nov.
      Will see you guys up the roda
      Sincerely Luke and Inez

  2. Darla says:

    Hey~Don’t know if you remember me but I emaied you awhile ago about gate guarding and you were kind enough to answer my questions. We arrived in TX to guard a gate in March. Today they moved us and of all things, we ended up with your gate you left today! Safe travels to you and enjoy your summer!
    P.S.-thanks for the email way back when too!

    Bill & Darla

    • Luke says:

      So you are at the Schwope now, How great is that hope you all enjoy that gate as much as we did we were ther for almost 6 months and you could not ask for better people to work for and be around than the two land owners there Jack and Bob Schwope. they were great to us and we hated parting ways.
      Also we left you all 5 jugs of water on the trailer along with a tail gate pump enjoy we didn’t have room so hoped someone could use it.
      Have a great summer hope to hear from you again.
      Luke and Inez

  3. Luke says:

    Safe Travels Hope you are still enjoying the real world, We got off the gate yesterday and made it as far as Katy Texas where they are doing warrenty work on th 5th wheel for the next couple days

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