Well The Schwope Ranch we have left Headed to Georgia

Yep it all went to fast the last few days they had all three wells working with the Tank farms under construction. The welding crews the fence crews and electrical crews installing the Solar Panels and wiring. Made for a busy last few days.

We Left the gate yesterday at 11:16 am, Roger our Gate Guard Services LLC  was as good as his word he had us a replacement at the gate at 10:15 and it took me a while to finish up withe disconnect, Give the relief a tour of the Pads so he could tell people where stuff was while Inez was watching the gate. Though the garbage in one of the trash wagons. When we arrived back at the gate the Land owner showed up to  tell us by that took a while and we finally got on the road at 11:16.

This is where we will rest up at for the next 2 days while they do warrenty work on the RV

 We arrived at Holiday World in Katy Texas at 4:20PM checked in to there Camp ground and this morning the Service Person Ricky wrote up the work order for the work they will do on the Rv and we checked in to the Katy Motel 6 for the next couple of days.

We will try to keep you posted AS

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2 Responses to Well The Schwope Ranch we have left Headed to Georgia

  1. Enjoy your time off my friend!

    • Luke says:

      Thanks John we are going to try to have a good summer but it will probably get wild as we have not been home for more than a week here and there for 7 years so to be hoome for 4 months stright I am sure the wife has lots lined up.

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