Made it to Florida Rocky Bayou StatePark

Yes we left Baton Rouge KOA this morning at 7:58am and after three stops along the way we made fairly good time arriving at Rocky at 1:30PM. We will be here until Wednesday afternoon (5-9-2012) when we will move on along to Bonifay Florida where we will spend some time with Inez’s sister and visit friends and family in the area. before moving on to the as yet undecided stop before getting home.

Ok stay tune check back and we will keep you posted down the road

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One Response to Made it to Florida Rocky Bayou StatePark

  1. Luke says:

    Sorry to hear that you all are having to deal with the MUD, we have made that dreadful trip to the gate last winter to get back to the rig being an inch or so taller from the mud caked to the bottom of your shoes. Wehad a pallet and a half that we had a rug on and a big shoe brush on top of those and they would get a for sure workout in rain times then we had a bunch of rugs right inside the rig where we would park our shoes. It was a muddy mess that we do not miss. Maybe you will get some cooler weather from the rain.
    Yes we are enjoying our slow trip home we will probably be another week or two before we get to Valdosta.

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