Down on Holmes Creek, New Hope Florida

Holmes Creek near where we are at Miller's Ferry

Yep we got here yesterday, Tuesday May 16th and I guess we will stay until the week-end before we head up the last 170+ miles to Valdosta and Home. We had thought about getting in some fishing in here with Cousins but the rain has changed that thought it has rained on and off since we got here and they promise more of the same right through the week-end so we will just settle for the good company and fellow ship

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2 Responses to Down on Holmes Creek, New Hope Florida

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m guessing you’re home by now. I hope you two are resting up and having a grand time! :D

    • Luke says:

      Yeah Debbie we made it home about a week ago but the Sick bug jumped on us both last friday and it has wipped our well anyway it is being unkind. will try to update the blog when I feel better.
      Hope you guuys are doing okay I guess that it is starting to get very hot out there by now.
      Keep in touch we plan on being back out there in Oct or Nov.
      Luke and Inez

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